Golana Watch Review

Golana Watch Review

Golana watches have been officially on sale in the UK for many years and are growing in popularity.  They offer a wide range of models which by all accounts look stunning and unique in design.

The quartz watches are prices between £100 and £300 although their RRP usually suggests a much higher price.  It has to be said, there is some pretty poor quality control when it comes to the quartz watches, but the automatic watch (the advanced range) does represent good value.  Golana automatic watches are prices from £300 to £1,300.  The Golana Advanced range use the Swiss made ETA movement including the Valjoux 7750 in their Chronographs.

Golana claim to be driven by one single passion, to produce ultra-reliable precision watches.  Some Golana reviews suggest their cheaper watches suffer from poor quality control, being delivered with dead batteries but generally feedback is they look and feel great, and represent good value for money.  The Golana ETA watches are well priced compared to better known brand watches.

About Golana

1898. In the small Swiss village of Les Bioux Norbert Bernet began a watch making tradition that was to last generations. His passion for precision, performance and perfection were put into every watchcase that he handmade. The years passed and in 1956 the license was sold to Heinz and Anna Goll.

Time never stops and neither does our pursuit of perfection.

We’re driven by one single passion; to produce ultra-reliable precision instruments. Our relentless dedication to detail and perfection means that every part of every Golana watch constantly reaches the highest possible standards.

We’re united by a single belief. That our watches should meet the most rigourous demands. Yours. So whatever your profession, whatever your challenge, do it with passion. Do it with precision. Do it in time with Golana.

A new watch brand was born, watches whose quality has won gold awards and taken the brand right across Europe. Golana. Times have changed and so have watches. But more than a century later Bernet’s original legacy of Swiss precision remains unchanged. And Golana watches will continue to keep it going and going and going.

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